Unmute Yourself Anthology: Speaking Our Truth Unapologetically

Unmute Yourself Anthology: Speaking Our Truth Unapologetically

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The Unmute Yourself Anthology reflects true accounts of the lives of women from all walks of life, who have dared to unmute themselves and share their stories. Some have held on to their stories for as long as 50 years! Other stories are as fresh as the revelation the women received, as they penned them.

Infidelity in marriages, childhood molestation and rape, identity confusion, identity crisis, domestic violence, being unprotective in their marriage, mother-daughter conflict, and much more is discussed in this anthology! But more importantly than discussing it, they tell you how they came out and leave you with spiritual guidance, practical tips, and day-to-day strategies that you can use to overcome or to help someone else overcome.

These women share parts of the hurting version with you. They take you through the healing version, but they leave you with the helping version! They truly do not look like what they have been through and even are currently going through.

There is nothing too hard for God and these women are living breathing testimonies that regardless of how it starts, it is not how it will end!


"Authenticity heals!" - Constance Craig-Mason

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    Let's be clear. This anthology is not for everyone. But it is for the man or woman who has suffered loss and looking for a way out. This is for the man or woman who has suffered loss and has regained what was seeming loss. This is a great read to add to your library to always remind you that what God did before, He is still doing it again and again and again.

    This is for the man or woman who has experienced marital issues and wants to know if God can ever restore your marriage or heal you from the divorce. He can. If you are single and still wondering if God will ever do it for you, He can and He will. You do not have to be a victim forever. You too can rise from the ashes and become the beautiful woman and handsome man God has predestined you to be.


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    Presented by: Simene' Walden

    Co-authored by:

    Constance Craig-Mason

    Veronica Burnett

    Lantionette Clarke

    Sonserria Coates

    Carol Campbell-Fullard

    India Ellis

    Mona Wright

    Tonekia Williams