Life Of An Entrepreneur Vol 4

Life Of An Entrepreneur Vol 4

This is a book designed to show you the journeys of other entrepreneurs and how they have been able to build their businesses. Today, more than ever, being an entrepreneur is the way to go! From working full-time to part-time, we must learn how to and prioritize building multiple streams of income! 


We interviewed 8 entrepreneurs from the United States and South Africa. The purpose of this book is to help you find other entrepreneurial opportunities that are available.


Compiled by: Taurea Vision Avant

Creator of How To Write A Book In 30 Days



  • Constance Craig-Mason

  • Danielle Freeman

  • Cathy Sims

  • Adrienne Crawford

  • Javier Florez

  • Tshepo Tselayakgosi

  • Mickele Chisholm

  • Juaton Orr

  • Dawn Sims


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