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GIRL GET UP & WIN (Paperback)

GIRL GET UP & WIN (Paperback)


"GIRL GET UP & WIN" 40 Women Share Stories of Overcoming Personal Challenges

Released July  2019


"What do you do when faced with life challenges?"

  • Inspirational Book

    In Girl, Get Up and Win, 40 women—including one husband and wife team—share personal stories of enduring and overcoming challenges, such as depression, marital issues, grief, brokenness, domestic abuse, daddy issues, illness, and rejection. Through the transparent, real, and very relatable stories presented in this collaborative work, all women can be encouraged to know that if they are going through life-altering situations they, too, can get up from their challenges and win in life!


    Compiled by: Telishia Berry

    Publisher of Courageous Woman Magazine



    Jeanette Abney
    Carol Boss
    Kesia Carter
    Rita Casman
    Cassie Catlett
    Sandra Mizell Chaney
    Jules Cobb-Edwards

    Angel Colbert
    Cortesha Cowan
    Constance Craig-Mason
    Dianna Forsberg
    Janice Freeman
    Noreen N. Henry
    Angel Robinson-Hubbard
    Linda S. Husser
    Dr. Sakeisha and Erick Hylick
    DaMesha Jackson
    Terra Kern
    Kimmoly K. LaBoo
    Dr. Ladel Lewis
    Ashley Little
    Sonya Lyons
    Twana Matthews
    Kimberly McWilliams
    Meshelle Merritt
    Tracy Palmer
    Cheryl Peavy
    Tiffany Quinn
    Monique Reynolds
    Mel Robinson
    Tanya A. Roquemore
    Shaletha Sanders
    Melecia Scott
    Chanel Spencer
    Shearese Stapleton
    Cutella Talbot
    Maggie Vincent
    Sharee Williams
    Tywauna Wilson
    Kendra Kay Woods

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