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FINANCIAL THERAPY: Change Your Money Beliefs And Change Your Life

FINANCIAL THERAPY: Change Your Money Beliefs And Change Your Life


If your life is one financial challenge after another, financial therapy might be just what the doctor ordered. Over 75% of Americans list money as their primary source of stress.


"Change your thoughts and you change your world." - Norman Vincent Peale

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  • e-book with Worksheet

    “Financial therapy” focuses on the emotional and psychological roots of financial behaviors that create financial stress.


    For example, someone that grew up in poor surroundings might hoard money and be overly frugal. Overspending can be caused by stress or anxiety.

    If you’re not following through on the actions that you know would increase your financial stability, your beliefs are likely to blame.


    By addressing the beliefs, thoughts, and habits related to your financial life, it’s possible to bring about real changes.


    Don’t worry there’s no jargon! It’s written in layman’s terms and includes a worksheet so you can really dig into YOUR money beliefs that could be negatively impacting your pocket(book)! A powerful, clear and concise 39 page e-book that takes you on a journey. Did you know that your beliefs are the seeds that create and also limit your reality? 


    Do yourself a favor and grab THIS e-book!


    Presented by: Constance Craig-Mason

    CEO & Visionary of Concierge Financial Group

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