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EMERGE (Paperback)

EMERGE (Paperback)


"EMERGE: Upgrade From Existing to Living Your Bold, Fearless, Abundance Life Now" launched May 2019! 


Are you ready to come out of hiding?  Are you ready to escape your comfort zone and pursue greatness? Are you ready to stop the struggle and tap into abundance?

  • Transformation Book

    This book, created by 11 powerful, spirit-filled thought leaders, will help you trade in fear, lack, unfulfillment for a more bold, fearless, abundant life. You will receive life-changing truths to help you EMERGE in your spirit, soul, body, purpose and finances.

    Greater awaits you. If you are ready to grab hold of it this book is for you!



    Tiffany Bethea

    Antoine Garrett

    Thema Azize Serwa

    Laquisha Hall

    Rock Mitchell

    Taryn Mitchell

    Tony Triumph

    Justin Shaw

    Ronda Brunson

    Taryn Bushrod

    Constance Craig-Mason

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