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Discover Your Spiritual Side & Enjoy Greater WEALTH

Discover Your Spiritual Side & Enjoy Greater WEALTH


Money is interesting. Money takes up a lot of time and space on the news locally, nationally and internationally. Most of us are secretive about our finances. Money issues are a leading cause of divorce and relationship disharmony.


How can pieces of paper and metallic coins have so much power? There is a spiritual aspect to understanding and controlling income and wealth.

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  • e-book with Worksheet

    Consider the unique characteristics of money:

    Everyone wants more.

    Those with a lot of money often report being unhappy.

    Money can be elusive.

    Having a lot of money can create its own set of challenges.

    But having too little money is a challenge, too.



    Money is a unique concept and idea. It can’t be understood and mastered with conventional logic alone. There’s a spiritual and psychological aspect to money, too. Understanding money from this perspective will have a positive impact on your ability to enjoy, earn, and accumulate wealth.

    This e-book is easy-to-read with just 28 pages that includes a 4-page checklist!


    “It is more rewarding to watch money change the world than watch it accumulate.” - Gloria Steinem. And with that being said, grab THIS e-book now!


    Presented by: Constance Craig-Mason

    CEO & Visionary of Concierge Financial Group

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