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Courageous Enough To Launch

Courageous Enough To Launch


I am excited to present to you, COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO LAUNCH, an inspiring compilation of the stories of 47 dynamic women from around the world who faced their own fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs as they were thinking about launching their own businesses… BUT they did it anyway! Each co-author has penned her own entrepreneurial experience in her own unique voice and has shared “the good, the bad and the ugly” and how she pressed forward anyway. You will find each chapter to be a refreshing reminder that you too have what it takes to successfully launch (or grow) the vision you’ve been sitting on.


Compiled by: Dr. Cheryl Wood

Founder of SpeakerCon & VOCALIZE Women Speakers Academy



  • Constance Craig-Mason
  • Nicole Dias
  • Carol T. Muleta
  • Trenae Forman
  • Tonia Blackwood
  • Davina Jackson
  • Paula Johnson-Hutchinson
  • Stacie McClam
  • Stephanie Wall
  • Monica Reed
  • Gail Moss
  • Kindra Harvey
  • Rhonda Trott
  • Andrea Davis
  • Onika Shirley
  • Dr. Karen Hills-Pruden
  • Cheree Montgomery
  • Lia Abney
  • Doris "DeeDee" Cutler
  • Shawna Halley
  • Carmelita Mcroy
  • Sheryta Melton
  • Olenthia Boardley
  • Sheila Farr
  • Dr. Loucille Black-Hollis
  • Berthine Crevecoeur-West
  • Shamika Dokes-Brown
  • Tamera White
  • Leona Carter
  • Mavis Creagh
  • Catherine Harris
  • Danielle Gilbert
  • Dr. Tracie Hines-Lashley
  • Donata D. Mooring
  • Tamika L. Blythers
  • Lauren Brown
  • Malayshia Harrell
  • Carol Hriczov
  • Renee Holtz
  • Amber Nicole
  • LaShonda Bracey
  • Letrece Williams-McKnight
  • Regina Kenan
  • Cherice Clark
  • Melanese Marr-Thomas
  • Atiya Goldsmith
  • Kathryn Jones


  • Inspirational Book

    Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship requires massive COURAGE! After all, the entrepreneurial path is one that is often permeated with fears, risks, uncertainty, challenges, setbacks, and failures that make the path appear less than favorable when considering launching. The feelings of uncertainty and discomfort can be especially prevalent among aspiring women entrepreneurs who oftentimes doubt their abilities and over-think, over-analyze, or over-process the idea of just getting started. In fact, many never launch. Instead, they spend excessive amounts of time and energy questioning whether they’re qualified, good enough, or capable of successfully stepping into the role of President, Founder, Owner or CEO. 


    Despite these normal emotions that often accompany the idea of entrepreneurship, there are dynamic women around the world who commit to taking their shot anyway and who launch their business ideas even in the face of uncertainty and “no guaranteed results.” The women who decide to “take the shot” understand that success, legacy, and impact always exist on the opposite side of our greatest fears and doubts. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” (Wayne Gretzky) 

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